Monday, October 8, 2007

Reflection of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was a very interesting book. It's quite an accomplishment and statement that a man wrote a book just by blinking one eye. The book was good. There were a lot of hidden messages that I didn't catch until we went over them in class, but I almost felt at times that I was Bauby and I was feeling his pain and frustration. He did a very good job of telling you his pain and suffering which made the book that much better. There were some chapters of the book that i didn't get why he had them, because they may have described just a random thought. People say that it does have significance though because it symbolizes the butterfly part of the book. The part where he wanders away and doesn't let his body bring him down until later, but i feel that he did that too often. I felt like I would be reading along and he would go into one of his random, meaningless dreams and then he would snap back and talk about important things. Not all of the dreams were meaningless. Some showed you him before the accident which was very important. And the one where he is with Napoleon's wife is important because he sees himself in a mirror and it shows him what he looks like, which comes as a shock to him. And the other one where he goes to the religious place and everyone is getting healed it shows him making fun of the people, so it shows what he thought of people like him before it happened to him. But some like remembering his friend are just....i don't know, rambling on. Some parts were boring for me. Maybe because it was a memoir it made it not as exciting. I wanted to hear from another persons standpoint and hear what they thought. I wanted to know how crushed the family was and what they were thinking. I wanted to know what the doctors and nurses thought. I feel if it was like that the book would have been more.....informational maybe. Overall the book was a good meaningful book that made me realize that there are some pretty bad things out there but no matter how bad it gets you gotta try to keep going and that's what i felt Bauby did. Even though he had locked in syndrome he still try to make the best of it by writing a book.

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