Sunday, October 7, 2007

Reading 3, Part 1

1) Frank's mother and father are both from Ireland and meet in New York city where they immediately fall in love. They have their first son Frankie. Soon after they have their second boy Malachy named after his father. Then comes the two twin boys Oliver and Eugene. Finally Margret is born. The family suffers many hardships. They barely make enough money to eat since it is the depression and their father, Malachy, has a terrible drinking problem. He usually gets his pay and goes and drinks it all away. The family starved until Margret was born. Malachy loved her so much that he quit drinking and always brought home his pay. Margret got very ill and died soon after she was born causing great sadness to the family. Angela, the mother, had her cousins come see her since she was so sad. They told her to go back to Ireland where your mother and Malachy's parents will help you. So the McCourts go to Ireland where all they find is more suffering. They can't seem to make much money and are barely making it by. Oliver grows sick and dies. Shortly after, Eugene dies too of pneumonia(if thats how you spell it). Frank and Malachy jr. start going to school where they are made fun of for their poverty. Angela has another baby named Micheal. When Angela returns from the hosiptal with Micheal, he is sick with a cold. He eventually stops breathing so Malachy Sr. sucks the mucus out of his nose. Frank gets his first Communion. Later on Angela and Malachy need to have their teeth pulled because of smoking so much so they get fake teeth. Angela also makes Frank take up Irish dance lessons. Frank hates it so he starts using the money to skip and go to the movies. Eventually his parents find out and make him confess his sins. Frank keeps going to school and meets this new boy named Fintan who invites Frank and this other boy named Paddy over all the time. THey only go for the food though. Fintan starts to get weird though and says that he likes to watch the two boys go to the bathroom. Frank and Paddy get scared and runaway. Angela finds them and is very upset cuz she was very worried. Angela gives birth to another boy named Alphonsus. Frank gets confirmed and gets a nose bleed that wont stop. The doctor comes amd tells him that he has typhoid fever. Frank is close to death but lives and gets out of the hosiptal in November. He goes back to school and learns that he has to reado the 5th grade. He goes to church to pray to be moved up to the 6th grade with his friends. THe next day he writes a big paper that is so impressive that his teacher moves him up to the 6th grade.

2)Frank McCourt grew up in America and moved to Ireland. He had 3 brothers: Malachy, Micheal and Alphonsus(Alphie). At agre 13 he quit school and got jobs to support his mother and brothers. At 19 he returned to the U.S. and went to New York University. He got a Masters degree at Brooklyn College and went on to teach english at McKee High School. He went on to write Angela's Ashes which one the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award.

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