Sunday, October 28, 2007

Post 3 for The Sea Inside

There were many scenes that made the movie have more meaning. In the scenes where he would look out the window and fly. They used a dolly shot in those and it actually made me feel like I was flying and looking at the ground and sea. In the scene where he was being tried, they used a low angle shot on the judges to make them look more powerful and a high angle to make him look helpless and disabled. They also used a series of medium shots to show like you are in the conversation with them. They used establishing shots to show you where you are/ the setting. In the scene where Julia is looking at the pictures with Ramon, they use an extreme close up on the pictures to make it seem like you're the one looking at the pictures. They also used truck movements when Ramon went in the car to go places. They did this to make it seem like you were looking out the window with Ramon.

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