Monday, October 22, 2007

Final Post

Angela decides that she doesnt want anymore babies. As all the families continue to get money, Angela's is still broke. Malachy refuses to work in England but finally he is made to. He never sends any money back to the family because he spends it all on drink. Angela gets sick with pneumonia and the boys are forced to live with their grandma. Malachy returns to Limerick to watch the boys instead and when Angela gets beter he leaves once again. Angela is now forced to continuously beg for food at churches and shelters. Frank gets a job at the post office. He them falls in love with this girl named Theresa, whom he met delivering packages. She grows ill and dies. Frank keeps going on and on about his desire to go back to America. He saves part of his money each week and gives the reast to his mother Angela. Frank turns sixteen and gets drunk. He goes home and gets in a fight with his mother. Eventually Frank gets promoted and is almost ready to go to America. Frank steels alot of money from an old lady who just died while he was in the house visiting. He got enough money to go to America from it. He tells his mother that he is leaving and she cries for a long time. Frank goes to America, but is saddened that he left Ireland and his family back home. When he arrives he loves it.

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