Monday, October 22, 2007

The book Angela's Ashes turned out to be one of the best books i've read in awhile. The message I think that the author was trying to send was that no matter how many downs or problems you have in life, you gotta keep striving for your dream. In this case, Frank's dream was to make it to America again, and he finally did in the end, even though he had a very tough childhood. Frank McCourt wrote the book because he wanted to share with everyone that life is no breeze. He wanted to show people what he had to do to survive. In the book there were many deaths and money problems that he put in there to show that he went through alot. Pretty much the whole book was him overcoming each problem thrown at him. The fact that his dad was a drinker, his siblings dieing continuously, his mother being sad all the time, having no money, no food. Overall the book was great and I would highly recommend it to people.

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