Sunday, October 28, 2007

Post 1 for The Sea Inside

I'm actually very surprised with the outcome of the movie. I thought the whole time Ramon would end up realizing that he did have something to live for. I think that his request to die is understandable, because if you are a quadriplegic life is hell. So I could see how after 28 years of living like that, that he would want to die. It would get tiring having someone do every last thing for you and you just sit there helplessly. I think that the court was wrong to rule that he couldn't die. I hate how the government thinks that he can make peoples' decisions for them. They think they know what is right. No, it's Ramon's life, he shouldn't have to ask for permission to die. They don't know what it's like to live like he did. And he gave it a try. He was like that for 28 years. I thought that his plan to kill himself was the only way he could get what he wanted. I'm glad he got what he wanted but I'm also saddened that it came to that. But, if he truly couldn't take it anymore and his only happiness would come from dieing, then that's the right thing. I think that his friends who helped him are his best friends he's ever had. Someone that will put their life and future on the line for you is a great friend. They risked going to jail to help their friend achieve happiness. I think they are great people for helping him. But the people that didn't, such as his sister-in-law, his brother, his nephew, they're still great friends even though they didn't help him in that way.

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