Sunday, October 7, 2007

Reading 3, Part 2

1) The book Angela's Ashes has many strengths and some weaknesses about it. I like how the book makes you feel terrible as you read. It makes you actually feel like your in the narrator's shoes. Your worried if your not going to have food. Your sad about all the deaths that are happening. I don't like some of the writing though. Sometimes I cant tell when they are talking to each other untill im done reading acouple sentences. He doesnt have quotations so it makes it hard in some cases. I feel that its truly amazing that Frank and his brothers lived the way they did. How could someone survive the hell they had to deal with. It seems as though nothing good ever went their way. I relate the book to me cuz im Irish too and I have alcoholics in my family too. So when I hear Frank talk about his father drinking their money away, I think of some of my relatives. I predict that things will turn around for the McCourts and maybe they'll finally get a lucky break.

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