Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Outside Reading 7 Post B

Dear Jacob,

I can't believe you ran away with the circus! I guess it is something you would do though. It's your life, it's where you belong. I knew you would marry Marlena too. I pictured you having five kids too because you take care of so many animals. This is mean, but i was happy when Rosie killed August with her stake that held her to the ground. And i was happy when they found Uncle Al dead. But i didn't know if he was killed by men with a garrote wire or if he did it to himself. The stampede was also very intense. I thought a ton of people would die but i guess not. I feel like everyone got what they wanted in the end, that's why i was so happy. The bad guys got what they deserved and died, you got your girl and all those animals you loved along with a great new job with another circus, Marlena got you and all the animals she loved and Rosie got to stay with you. I would also make sure that Charlie isn't anything like Uncle Al because you wouldn't want that again. But he seems like a great guy letting you run away with his circus. I hope that works out for you. It seems like a good way to spend those final chapters of your life, no offense. I wish you the best of luck.

-Colin Moynihan

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