Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Outside Reading 6 Post B

Dear My Friend Jacob,

It's been a while since i last wrote you. I feel scared and bad for you. How are you supposed to get Marlena and get out of the circus alive. Uncle Al seems to think something is up with the whole getting Marlena and August back together. He says its taking to long and i think he knows you don't want them to get back together, you just want to take enough time so you can get to Providence, drop Camel off, ad take Marlena with you. Which is a descent plan, i must say, but you could die! By the way, your plan is now half ruined due to the fact that they red lighted camel and Walter over those rocks and they died. I'm getting depressed with the constant killing and bad things happening. Will good ever come for you? I mean, you got with Marlena, but i want everything to go your way. Anyway, ill write back soon. Keep me posted and stay out of trouble.

-Colin Moynihan

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