Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Outside Reading 5 Post B

Dear Jacob,

I'm very happy to hear that you figured out how to talk to Rosie, your elephant. I would've never had guessed that elephants could understand Polish. I also think its funny that Rosie likes alcohol. Doesn't she get drunk? Anyway, i'm sorry that Marlena and you haven't talked lately and that you don't like august anymore. I wouldn't hes a terrible guy. I'm mad that unlce Al still hasnt paid you even after everything you've done for the circus. You made the Rosie act and you're getting no credit for it. And you sure as hell won't get paid if Al finds out about you hiding camel away in your room. You're a good friend to take him in and not have him get red lighted. I wouldn't want that old guy staying with me. All he does is drink moonshine and that jake crap. But he is a nice man. You're starting to become a good role model to me. What you do and have done is a thing to look up to besides you dropping out of Cornell. Keep working hard, your're almost to Providence where you can drop off Camel. Don't give up on Marlena, she'll be yours one day soon.
-Colin Moynihan

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