Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Outside Reading 3 Post B

Right now Jacob is in alot of heat. He just was named the new vet of the circus and just diagnosed the star horse, Silver Star, with a terrible leg problem. The horse can't perfrom according to Jacob and it's so severe that the horse might not be able to ever perform. Uncle Al has made a deal with him though. He will be paid 9 bucks a day but if the horse shall not make it, then he is going to be fired. So Jacob is very stressed over this matter. But it turns out that the girl who runs the horses, Marlena, is very beautiful and everyone likes her. You can really tell that Jacob is falling for her, the way he describes her and how he loves to talk about her. So that helps him out in a way with his problems because now he has a girl who he likes. As an added perk, he has been placed in the "nice" dinning room with all the performers. The food is better and he gets to sit with Marlena. So overall, I would say things are pretty good for Jacob right now. Especially with his new wages.

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