Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Outside Reading Post B

The main character is Mr. Jankowski. He is a very quiet man. Right now the book is doing flashbacks between him as a older man and as a kid in college. As an old man he is grumpy, polite, can be nice to the nurses but not to other people, and he is quiet. He keeps to himself, but talks when referred to. Right now he is living in a nursing home and talks of how he hates the food and wishes he could have a good meal. He is also frustrated with the fact that a new guy in the home is telling lies. The new guy said he carried water for the elephants in the circus and it made jankowski furious because he thought the man was lieing. As a college kid he is quiet, because he is a virgin, smart, studying to become a veterinarian, and is sad. He is sad because he just faced the death of his parents and is left with nothing. He doesn't have a home, can't live at college anymore because he doesn't have the money, and he doesn't have any family left. So right now in the book he is very confused with what he wants, and what he should do in his life.

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