Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Outside Reading 2 Post B

Jacob is struggling right now. He's in the circus and trying to make a living after running away from his old life of hardship and the loss of his family. He works all day at the circus and only makes a buck. he also did some of the worst jobs to make that buck. So I feel that Jacob is fed-up right now. Nothing is going his way. He lost everything because of the death of his parents. He lost his parents, his house, his money to pay for college, and his apprenticeship. And now on top of it, he is living in hell. Sleeping in on a train, in the car where they keep the horses, he doesn't even have a bed. Alot of people seem to come down on him too, because he is the new guy and the young college kid. But finally he gets a break landing the new veterinarian job because they find out he was studying to be a vet until he dropped out of college. So i think he is better off right now than he was at the start of the book. He also is excited because he does the security work at the tent where the prostitutes are. He likes it because he sawe his first naked women. But the book keeps falshing back between his young self and his old self. He is always grumpy when hes old but hes the way i just described when hes young. I predict that jacob's fortunes will continue to go his way.

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